Available Activities:

There are numerous things to do at the B-Bash. I will list things we've had in the past that you will likely find at this years event.

Music - We are currently procuring a stage and have procured a band that will sing for drinks and tips ( and I don’t mean “don’t quit your day job” ). A number of other people have been invited who I know have significant musical talent and I have mentioned their ticket in is to plan to perform.

Eat - The BBASH is fundamentally a pig roast. Every year, more pulled pork and ribs are being prepared and consumed. This year we are inviting others to Smoke with us. We usually start cooking the day before the party. Please plan to come over on Friday to Smoke with us. 2:00pm is around the time the fire gets lite.

Drink - The B-Bash used to be a much anticipated summer "Keger" back in the day however due to liability reasons and we just don't drink that much anymore it is now a BYOB party. That does not mean that if you are going to have a couple beers... you must stop and pick up a six pack. That does mean if you ( or your posse ) plan to drink a 12 pack or more... you might wanna pack a cooler. I would be vary interested in finding someone who wants to officially play the roll of bartender since I have a stocked bar... just don't want to be behind it all night. ( I prefer to be in front of the bar :-) ) This could be a paying gig if someone is licensed and interested. Email me.

The beach - The beach for our community is about 5 houses away ( 5 minute walk ) We will generally setup at the beach from noon till 2 pm depending on the weather.  Bring your chairs, umbrellas, jet skis , boats or other water toys. There is no lifeguard and no parking so it's a nice quit community beach. ( Boat launch is a 15 minutes walk 2 minute drive)

Hot Tub - A couple years back we picked up a 7 person hot tub. The record occupancy is 14 kids. Feel free to bring your suits to jump in.

Kiddy pool - We will usually have an inflatable kiddy pool setup at the house. Bring your swimsuits and changes of cloths for all members of your family. There are many impromptu water gun fights... and bystanders sometimes get in the line of fire. ( primarily due to the children's poor aim and judgment )  You've been warned. If you really don't want to get wet... do not "setup camp" near the pool.

Bounce house - We investigated renting a bounce house for the event. Ended up finding a 8x8 model to buy for less then it was to rent a full size one. Since we use it at least 3 weekends a month in the summer, it has more then paid for itself.

Camping - We generally have many people come in from out of state and since we don't really have a guest room anymore ( Ellie took the last room in the house ) we ask that people bring camping supplies and setup camp in the back yard. If this isn't suitable, then there are local hotels available as well.

Volleyball - When time/space permits, we will have a regulation v-ball court setup on the side property. Bring your A game however since a number of the guests play locally in leagues. The decision to play “Real Ball” (AVP rules) or “Ghetto Ball” is decided on the court before hand.


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