The Minesweeper was sunk off the North West side of Oahu in order to form an artificial reef. This was Amy’s first dive since she was certified 3 years prior. For her first dive, we descended to 110 ft. and explored the Minesweeper. How much advanced notice did we have that it was going to be at 110ft....just before we put our gear on at the boat. Amy had some initial problems with the dive but Mel and I were able to convince her that it would be OK. What a trooper she is.


We swim down the Starboard side of the ship towards the stern at a depth of 100 ft.


We reach the Stern of the ship and swim towards the main deck.


Video 3 - We are swimming over the main deck and the others prepare to enter the hull and swim back towards the bow inside the boat.

Video 4 - Amy having no interest in going “in” the ship swims to the Starboard side to swim along it towards the Bow.

Video 5 - Going along the Starboard until we are interrupted by Mel signaling us ( turn up audio and listen for metallic clanging sound ) to check our air before he enters the ship with the others. Art fumbles camera as he checks his air.


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