These videos were shot on our honeymoon in Hawaii using a Cannon Digital Elph ( S300 ) with the Cannon underwater housing. I was very impressed with the quality of both products for underwater photography. Since each video is about 3.5 Mb each, I’ve added some commentary about the video to understand what you will see before spending your time downloading. If you have a high speed connection and are wondering why they are taking so long to download, its because my hosting connection is only 128 kbps.

Scuba diving near Oahu

Minesweeper dive - Exploring a sunken wreck off the northwest side of Oahu.

Coral Reef Dive - Exploring a coral reef / turtle rehab  the northwest side of Oahu.

Scuba diving near Hawaii’s Big Island

Manta Ray dive - Night diving with giant Manta Rays ( 8-10 ft. wingspan )


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